The Pros and Cons of Getting a Tattoo

If you're getting a tattoo here are some of the pros and cons you should think about.

Depending on your age group, your friends shouldn’t be surprised or upset if you told them you were getting a tattoo.

Notice I said, your age group.

There is still a divide between the under and over 40 on tattoos. And in every age group, there are some people who are adamant tattoo haters. Some people think tattoos are okay for men, but dislike them intensely on women. There are also some people who think tattoos are the neatest thing since sliced bread.

The Pros of Getting a Tattoo

  • It is an individualist statement. It shows something deeply personal about yourself.
  • Body art is a decoration and a permanent enhancement of your body.
  • Depending on the placement, it can show a side of you that only someone intimate sees.

The Cons of Getting a Tattoo

  • Your workplace may have a policy about visible tattoos.
  • Your parents and romantic partner may be upset.
  • Tattoos are meant to be permanent. Getting a tattoo removed is messy and can cause scars.

Why Are You Getting a Tattoo?

If you're getting a tattoo for any other reason that "You" want a tattoo, and you have a deep personal connection to the artwork you've chosen, then maybe you ought to rethink getting one. Getting tattooed with your friends as a "rite of passage," is just silly. How many of these people will be your friends in ten years? Or even next year?

  • Tattoos require touch-ups to keep the lines and colors crisp and sharp.
  • SPF 30 is a must over your healed tattoo or you can watch the colors fade in a few years.
  • Selecting a good tattoo artist and studio takes time and effort.
  • Good tattoos are not cheap.

Getting a Tattoo that Dates You

Barbed wire tattoos are 1990s. A certain style of tribal tattoos will date you in the early 2000s. The late 2000s is currently the era of the star tattoo.

Now, although each of these tattoo styles are to a certain extent "classic" tattoos, when a bunch of people choose the same flash art, and get the same tattoo, they begin to not only date themselves with the tattoo, their tattoo becomes kinda - well lame.

If you're going to get a tattoo, choose wisely and get one that you'll be happy to show off for years.

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